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VEst Pilsētas bārs

There are some places that need no description once you visit them. There is no doubt that Vest is one of those. Industrial design goes hand in hand with possibly the best coffee in town and after a few minutes spent here you already know that this is the place to be.

For me it seems fair to say that Vest was one of the most anticipated spots among locals for at least a couple of months. Before it even opened, people were already talking about the ‘coolest bar’ and ‘best coffee shop’ (quite obvious, since it’s managed by Latvia’s barista champion Ingemars Dzenis), that was yet to present itself sometime during the summer of 2014. When it finally did, there was no place for disappointment. My first cup of espresso was just as awesome as I was expecting it to be and when you come, yours will be exactly as good.

Vest is urbanism presented in the best way and every time I come everything – the people, their drinks and the way they talk – radiates this city’s true spirit I’ve only found in a few places around Riga. Either as a local or a guest – this is a feeling worth experiencing.

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