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Garlando Olimpic silver

Aussie Pub Riga

There are a few things that Aussies do better than others, playing cricket, running hostels and drinking beer. Actually, the last one’s not really true, especially if you’ve ever been to the the Czech Republic, but those folk from down-under do like an ice-cold beer. The Aussie Backpackers Pub in Old Riga is a little slice of the sunburnt country here in Riga. With a quirky wooden interior, a VW Campervan as the bar and a very large range of beers on tap, this pub is one of the nicest establishments in Old Riga to enjoy a drink or two. The prices are great for its location and there is a range of weekly events, activities, performances and so on.

Riga’s only Australian pub does not just offer drinks and an inflatable crocodile, the space also doubles up as a hostel as well. There are a couple of floors dedicated to sleeping quarters, perfect for backpacking Aussies, Kiwis, Poms and other nationalities. A great, central spot to to stay with the bonus of having a pub attached! The pub itself is spread on two floors with a basement is used for concerts, sumo fights and other events. The toilets are also worth a look, although after all that beer you won’t really need an excuse. Maybe it’s the long winters and the lack of summer here in Latvia, but Riga’s Aussie bar has become popular not just with travelers, but also with the locals as well.

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