Vieta: "NB Snooker club"

Datums: 2015-02-27 16:00 - 2015-03-01 20:00

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Latvian Open | ITSF Pro tour

Main details

Date: 27 – 1 February 2015
Address: Riga, Šķūņu street 9, “NB” club.
GPS coordinates: 56.948889, 24.107651
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Info pack: Download info pack here.
Tournament organizator – Foosin, LGFA


Tournament Schedule

15:30 Opening of the venue
17:00 Semi-pro singles / Amateur singles
18:00 Master singles
19:00 Women doubles / Senior doubles
20:00 Friday D.Y.P
09:00 Opening of the venue
10:00 Open singles qualification
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Open singles elimination
16:00 Amateur doubles / Semi-pro doubles / Master doubles
18:00 Women singles
18:30 Junior singles / Senior singles
20:00 Mixed doubles
21:00 Saturday DYP
09:00 Opening of the venue
10:00 Open doubles qualification
13:00 Lunch break
14:00 Open doubles elimination
15:00 Junior doubles/ Goalie war



Entry Fees (EUR)



Prize fund development

Prize funds will be 80% of gross entry fees (balance covers table provision, trophies,
advance costs and other expenses).

Amounts of prize funds will depend on turnout and available funds, based on the
standard distribution (rounded as appropriate).



prize fund

Game formats

Choose one:
Amateur, Semi-pro or Master competition
Players have to choose from ONE category competition Amateur, Semi-pro or Master. In other words – can not play in all of them.

Competition formats :

Open singles & open doubles
OS and OD qualification 1 game to 7, at least 5 games played, 80% players pass.
OS and OD elimination SKO best of 5 games to 5 points, till 2 point difference in the
3 rd game (maximum of 8 points).

All other competitions will be played 2KO*
On the winners bracket best of 3 games to 5 points, till 2 point difference in the 3rd
game (maximum 8 points).
On the losers bracket one game to 8 points.
*Friday D.Y.P – 2KO, one game to 8 points in both sides.
*Saturday D.Y.P – SKO, one game to 8 points.


Contact us

Contact us on FACEBOOK or via e-mail for further questions:

Tournament director: 
Janis Indriksons
Lauris Ziraks
Toms Treijs
Lauris Ziraks


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